Stop Demolishing Portland seeks to preserve our city’s affordable, historic and vintage housing stock by sharing information about endangered Portland homes; taking actions to preserve specific houses by conversing with developers, petitioning, and demonstrating against this wave of destruction. SDP aims to change Portland city policies that endanger homes, promote endless gentrification & price longtime residents out of Portland. Goals that could include creating a mandatory demolition delay period, a demolition moratorium, strengthening the nearly non-existent city policies to designate protected houses, reviewing city zoning that encourages higher density construction in our vintage low and medium density neighborhoods, promoting subsidized and/or public housing, repealing the state’s ban on inclusionary zoning, preserving our established neighborhood tree canopies, among many others.

Recent Posts from our FB Group:

A nice old Portland farmhouse is going to be demolished at the corner of SE 39th and Bybee. It is across from Berkeley Park. Several big trees will be going as well. It misses the deconstruct date by one year. It was probably the original house in the area. Renaissance homes will build two or three new houses on the lot. I would like to tell my daughter (lives nearby) who she can call for dust and noise issues. I don't hold out any hope for saving the place. ...

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Ah, the model of City Hall's idea of "affordable living" in Future Portland! ...

I'm getting claustrophobic just watching this. via Interesting S-Word

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As much as I am against demolishing our beautiful craftsman homes here in Portland, I am applying for a permit to deconstruct this 1923 garage in Ladd's Addition. It is a non-contributing structure to the historic district, so there is no review on taking it out (only a permit). Notice that the double pitched roof was a later addition (maybe 20-25 years old) to cover up the original roof. The good news is that the removal of this will open up the yard for green space, the siding will be contained to prevent lead dust from getting into the soil, materials that are not painted will be re-used for other projects or donated to the ReBuilding Center. I also had an asbestos test done on the old roofing material, and fortunately none was detected. Know that this will be taken out with great care, and that many of the materials will find a new purpose. ...

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15048 NE Sandy Blvd., the Shady Rest Trailer Court.
Year-built - 1905.

From the real estate listing;
"BARE LAND! AS IS! Great piece of land. Not being sold as operating business but for development purposes only."

The picture here was taken a year ago, but it certainly appears to be in-use (the "no vacancy" sign was our first-clue).

They dropped the price from $1.5 million, to $1 million, and it's now at "pending" status.

What's planned there, after these renters are displaced-?

"A Pre-Application Conference to discuss the creation of 20 lots to be developed with detached single dwelling units."

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Apparently the owner wants to cut this tree down instead of fix the sidewalk. 45th and Salmon. ...

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