Stop Demolishing Portland seeks to preserve our city’s affordable, historic and vintage housing stock by sharing information about endangered Portland homes; taking actions to preserve specific houses by conversing with developers, petitioning, and demonstrating against this wave of destruction. SDP aims to change Portland city policies that endanger homes, promote endless gentrification & price longtime residents out of Portland. Goals that could include creating a mandatory demolition delay period, a demolition moratorium, strengthening the nearly non-existent city policies to designate protected houses, reviewing city zoning that encourages higher density construction in our vintage low and medium density neighborhoods, promoting subsidized and/or public housing, repealing the state’s ban on inclusionary zoning, preserving our established neighborhood tree canopies, among many others.

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This just appeared as a sponsored post on my news feed. Do we know if this beautiful house is safe from demolition? 💗 ...

Open House - Historic Poulsen House - For Sale

February 25, 2018, 1:00pm - February 25, 2018, 4:00pm

This is your chance to see the inside of a Portland icon. The Poulsen House is a breathtaking example of the Pacific Northwest’s take on the Queen Anne style, and one of Portland’s longest standing landmarks. Constructed in 1892 by Portland lumber pioneer, Johan Poulsen, the home towers above the city and offers a one of a kind panoramic view from it’s iconic turret. Being the fastidious lumber man he was, Johan Poulsen ensured his home was built from the finest available lumber of the time. We are the beneficiaries of Johan Poulsen’s hard work. The craftsmanship and attention to detail invested into the Poulsen House is remarkable, and very few structures in the Portland area could hope to compare. The Poulsen House is truly the embodiment of the phrase “they don’t make them like they used to.”

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I know there are several photographers. Could we do something like this with pictures of homes that have been demolished? On cardboard blocks. Take it to city council? Set it up and demolish it? Maybe they need a visual ...

Take photographs of real homes and buildings and stick them onto building blocks to be used during construction play! So clever! From:

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No demolition involved, but I was wondering if anyone here has any more information about this proposed zoning change.

I received a "Zoning Map Refinement Project Courtesy Notice" from the BPS yesterday telling me that there's a proposed change near me. It's to Alberta Abbey's parking lot, on the corner of NE Alberta and NE Mallory Ave. (126 WI/ NE ALBERTA ST), from R2.5 to R1.

According to the property tax records, "Alberta Abbey LLC" bought Alberta Abbey and its parking lot for $1,660,000 last December.

Alberta Abbey LLC's address is 3416 VIA OPORTO #301, NEWPORT BEACH, CA 92663. That address appears to belong to Their CEO is a member of the Alberta Main Street board.

My guess is that they're planning to build a (hopefully affordable) apartment building on the parking lot. Who knows what will happen to Alberta Abbey.

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Last day in the life of this old house. Sold for 490,000. Because of historic lot limes it will be demolished tomorrow to make way for two 800K Everett homes. I contacted everybody I could in city government but this is the goal. Increased density. I wonder how many more homes with 4 baths the old 8" sewer main can support but hey thats the rate payers problem. Fuck Portland. ...

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It's overwhelming to see the numbers in just a few of the neighborhoods.
If the City does not slow down and work with small building owners, many of these buildings will be demolished.

Please send an email and ask The City to prioritize Schools and Critical buildings. To address buildings individually within the code. To not use a broad-brush and set buildings up for failure. Thank You!

The Neighborhoods ... A sample of the impact to Neighborhoods if the City of Portland passes a retrofit mandate without a plan or safety-net for residents, businesses and buildings.

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